Haskap Dye


Haskap dyed wool skeins

We weave with a basic weave.  We distinguish our weaving by using local fibres and dyes that we blend to produce colours and patterns that reflect the natural distinctiveness of the parkland where we live in northern central Canada.

Recently developed into a superior flavoured, fruiting shrub at the University of Saskatchewan, haskap (Lonicera caerulea) is not yet a plentiful plant, although its popularity is growing as it is becoming better known.  The juice from the berries of this plant create a range of vibrant colours that vary from salmon to purple to bluish grey.  This dye is easily applied to animal fibres.

img_3878_1Our dye is made from 100% strained and pasteurized haskap juice, which is naturally concentrated.  Pasteurized, bottled into food-grade containers, and sealed it is a good medium for beginners and experts alike.

This dye is hypo-allergenic.  It will colour your hands.  Protective clothing is required whenever you are dyeing.